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My name is George. And I’m a foodie.

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It’s no secret. I love food.

Not just eating food. Making food. Shopping for food. Looking at food. Waiting for food. Smelling food. Anything about food, I love it.

I didn’t really cook until sophomore year of high school. I grew up with cable television, and when we finally got it, I found myself glued to the Food Network. I fell in love with exotic ingredients and spices. I dreamed of a time when I could experiment like the chefs I watched every day.

And now I  finally have my own kitchen. It’s wonderful. I have butchered chickens, made stock and soup, created desserts, and crafted original recipes. I love it. And I’m never going back to a time when I didn’t cook. Because for me, the kitchen is an artist’s palette, a place where I can go and relax and create.

My hope is that I can inspire creativity and hunger. I use real ingredients. This is not a place for guilt. I will use real butter and stock and hearty vegetables and meat. If you’re not free in the kitchen, there is less freedom everywhere else. Live a little. Enjoy.

And, by the way, it’s never rude to say YUM.


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No. I am not Mick Jagger. Unfortunately, my last name shares six out of seven letters with his.

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  1. Can’t wait for more of your creations!-Mom


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